Unleashing the Potential of ADCs

Antibody-drug conjugates have the potential to become the backbone of future oncology therapy, however earlier generations of ADCs continue to face key challenges in safety and efficacy.

Hummingbird Bioscience is developing a 4th generation ADC platform to engineer potentially best-in-class ADCs that:

  • Address payload resistance
  • Optimize payload delivery & tumor specificity
  • Maximize anti-tumor cytotoxic potential
Ab Discovery and Engineering

Antibody Discovery & Engineering

We use our in-house platforms, including the AI-enabled Rational Antibody Discovery platform, to design and engineer Abs with functionalities that are important for ADCs

Optimizing payload delivery, tumor specificity and safety

Proprietary Tech

Proprietary Linker & Dual Payload Technologies

Our proprietary linker and payload technologies can unlock the power of dual payload approaches, to address areas where current ADC technologies fall short

New payload modes-of-action and combinations to address resistance

Disease Bio

Disease Biology & Target Insights

Our precise understanding enables us to design and engineer ADCs with better therapeutic profiles, through optimal payload combinations and bispecific antibody approaches

Right Target. Right Molecule. Right Patient.