Precision Medicine.
Precision Therapies.

Hummingbird Bioscience is leading a bold new way of engineering precision biotherapeutics that can define the future of precision medicine. We focus on important biologically validated targets in cancer and autoimmune disease which have been elusive and difficult to drug. Powered by our unique data-driven systems biology approach, we engineer and develop next-generation therapies against these targets, giving hope to patients who do not respond to current treatments.


We focus on “hard targets” in cancer and autoimmune disease with strong biological validation that have not been successfully drugged


We deploy our proprietary Rational Antibody Discovery platform to discover and engineer precision therapies, unlocking the therapeutic potential of these targets

Clinical Trials

We use biomarker-driven clinical trials to maximize the probability of successful clinical development, supported by strong capabilities in pharmacology, multi-omics and data science

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